Ezra Cornelison's Page
Ezra Cornelison's Page
Goal: $20000
Goal: $20000
$5,130.00 raised by 4 donors
$5,130.00 raised by 4 donors

In 2009 we welcomed our first child and named him Ezra.

When we learned that Ezra had Down syndrome, we knew our journey would be unique, but we could not have anticipated the immense joy we would find along his path!

Ezra is exceptional in so many ways.  He sees the good in every person, the joy in every circumstance and the beauty in everything around him.  He is a kind and gentle soul! He celebrates others joys and successes with genuine happiness. Learning is one of Ezra’s favorite things and he works very hard at school! Ezra also loves dogs and horses. We treasure him in our family.With these joys we have also found unique challenges. Ezra’s judgement is impaired. He doesn’t perceive or understand hazards to his safety, health, or social connections.  Making and maintaining friendships is difficult under these circumstances.

Ezra sub-consciously harms himself by picking at his skin- often to the point of bleeding and beyond. Ezra loves people and wants friends, but he doesn’t understand socially inappropriate behaviors. When we are out in the community as a family, Ezra struggles to stay at the same pace. Sometimes he meanders slowly or stops and sits down. Other times, he climbs all over peoples fences and gardens, or runs ahead and hides.  

Ezra’s service dog will help redirect these behaviors to keep him healthy and socially connected! This will be life changing. I know Ezra will adore his dog and develop a strong bond with them, as he develops stronger relationships in his community!

Ezra’s dog will make it possible for us to take family outings again. This will be life changing for all of us!

Thank you for considering a donation to this wonderful cause! Our family is truly grateful!

Donations can be made by clicking the Donate button on this page. There is a small online surcharge.  If you would like to avoid this service charge you may mail a check to:


Monkey Tail Ranch
1993 Orchard Road
Hollister CA 95023

If you send a check, please make reference to Ezra in the memo area of your check.  This will help us direct your support as intended.  All contributions are tax deductible and all donors will receive proof of donation via email or USPS.

While contributions may be given to the Monkey Tail Ranch on behalf of a particular person, those funds do NOT constitute a purchase. 

Thank you for your support!

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