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Steve McCullough " Pay it Forward. Pay it Back. "
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Our first recipient in our "Pay it Forward. Pay it Back" campaign is Major (ret) Steve McCullough.   Steve is the first of 3 veterans we want to fund by Veterans Day.

MAJ(R) Steve McCullough, attended the United States Military Academy at West Point and graduated in 1992.  After commissioning as an Army officer, he served in all parts of the world and commanded in the toughest Combat Engineer units.  He attended Ranger school, is an Airborne Sapper, Mountain Warfare Specialist and Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warfare designee.  He has advanced degrees from the University of Missouri and the University of Washington in Engineering and Psychology, respectively.  


Steve was wounded in 2002 while on active duty engaged in combat related activities.


Steve is a Wounded Warrior and a Warrior in Transition, serving over 22 years in the Army.  He is now involved in fundraising, speaking, and assisting in changing the wounded soldiers’ lives for the better with a goal of ensuring our society accords wounded comrades proper care.  Steve currently assesses and distributes findings on the progress of processes for soldiers’ care from time of injury, illness, or wounds through the difficult transition to civilian life.  


Steve had a Service Dog named “Herbie” who passed away in April 2019.


A service Dog will allow Steve to continue to travel and speak on behalf of wounded soldiers.  Steve is a sought after speaker and advocate, and has been invited to speak  to leaders in Congress, The White House, and the Pentagon.  Without a Service Dog, Steve is often unable to leave his home.


Steve is married to Julie McCullough, and they have two daughters.  Steve and his family live in Pacific Grove, California.



Donations can be made by clicking the Donate to Steve button on this page. There is a small online surcharge.  If you would like to avoid this service charge you may mail a check to:

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If you send a check, please make reference to Steve in the memo area of your check.  This will help us direct your support as intended.  All contributions are tax deductible and all donors will receive proof of donation via email or USPS.


While contributions may be given to the Monkey Tail Ranch on behalf of a particular person, those funds do NOT constitute a purchase. 

Thank you for your support!


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